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Brands & Products

We get often get asked what type of products we can get for our customers. The answer is almost anything! We pride ourselves on getting the best value equipment that fits with their home aesthetic to maximize budgets.  We have listened and watched for 1000's of hours so you can trust the wisdom we have gained. Through this knowledge we can help guide you to your perfect home theatre or HiFi system, or whole home or multi-room music solution. 

Here are some of the brands we have experience with and can get for you. There really is too much to list so rest assured we can be a holistic solution provider from design, sourcing, and installation and can get everything from speakers, stands TV's, mounts, and cables.

  • Elac

  • Kef

  • Paradigm

  • Polk Audio

  • Monitor Audio

  • Definitive Technologies

  • Klipsh

  • Sony

  • Totem Acoustics

  • Cambridge Audio

  • Yamaha

  • Marantz

  • NAD

  • Bowers & Wilkins

  • Rotel

  • NAD

  • Sanus

  • Kanto

  • Samsung

  • LG

  • HiSense

  • Sonos

We also have extensive experience with direct to consumer brands like Schitt Audio, Emotiva, Denifrips, Wiim, Arylic and more. Don't worry, we have do our homework on what's out there.

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